The Algorithm Made Me Do It

Algorithms are designed to make life easier. They pre-decide for us, based on our past choices.

Even early on the apostle Paul understood that there were already algorithms at play in the world. Paul saw that the world’s algorithms detrimentally dominated the way of life. So he wrote to his friends: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world…”

He was saying that we should let ourselves be changed by a new algorithm – pick up a God-given set of instructions by which to govern our minds.

The Algorithm Made Me Do It - Sundays! In The Living Room - January 22, 2023 - 2303


00:07:02 - Worship - Cares Chorus

00:25:00 - Fasting Exhortation

00:32:05 - Message - The Algorithm Made Me Do It

01:10:00 - Challenge and Close

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