The Holy Spirit

In an increasingly digital world, it’s easy to become reliant on our phones for just about everything. We hardly go a ...

The Promise of New

Living a life of alignment with the will of God, as shown by Jesus Christ, is a goal for all Christians, yet the struggle ...

The Promise of New

Algorithms are designed to make life easier. They pre-decide for us, based on our past choices.

Even early on the ...

The Promise of New

Jesus asks us to trust Him and to try something new, even if it seems impossible or inconsequential. When we follow Him, ...

Prayer + Fast

Week 3, starting 23 January

Read and meditate on this passage: Genesis 6:9-9:17

The Promise of New

The new that Jesus brings is not always there for us to be comfortable. Most of the time, the new that Jesus brings to ...

The Promise of New

Inviting God into a situation opens the door to the possibility of something new.

His presence in our new year ...

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