Curious Mark and Balloon Chemistry

Baking soda and vinegar have a party in the bottle.
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Key point: Amazing things happen when we meet with God.



What will happen to the balloon when I mix baking soda and vinegar? Let's see.


Instructions for parents:

This is an opportunity for kids to explore learning how to learn.

Concepts such as Observation, Ponder, Imagine, and Hypothesize (Think) are some tools that help to understand the wonderful world around us. 

It is best to prepare the materials beforehand and set up the learning environment. The area should be free from distractions and safety is of utmost importance. 

For the balloon chemistry experiment, all you need is

  • a glass bottle
  • funnel
  • vinegar
  • a balloon
  • baking soda


  1. Pour some vinegar into the glass bottle. You don't need much, perhaps 1/4 cup.
  2. Put some baking soda inside the balloon using a funnel. About 3 teaspoons.
  3. Attach the balloon to the mouth of the bottle, ensuring that the baking soda does not fall into the vinegar (yet).
  4. Think: What do you think will happen?
  5. When the balloon is attached securely to the bottle (and you've had a good amount of discussion), lift the balloon upright so the baking soda falls into the bottle and mixes with the vinegar.
  6. Watch closely at the reaction.


Why did this happen?

The vinegar and the baking soda mix together to make an acid-base reaction. The reaction creates carbon dioxide gas that bubbles up from the mixture. The gas expands up and out of the bottle and inflates the balloon.


Bible Lesson:

Matthew 17:20 – Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.

  • Many things seem impossible to do.
  • However, when the impossible meets with God, amazing things happen.

Read the story of Zacchaeus in Luke 19:1-10

  • Zacchaeus was rich. He had everything.
  • But he knew something was missing. Pehaps this is why he was curious enough to seek out Jesus. Even just to get a glimpse.
  • Little did Zacchaeus know that it was Jesus who was seeking him.
  • When finally Jesus met with Zacchaeus amazing things happened: a reaction; a change; and a result that was not there before.
  • Very much like a the chemical reaction when the baking soda met with the vinegar.
  • What amazing thing could happen when we trust Jesus and allow him to meet our needs, our worries, our concerns, and our dreams?


Key words:

  • Reaction
  • Change
  • Ruakh - life, breath, spirit



  • Tell Jesus that you trust Him with all your heart.
  • Ask that as you trust Him, he will fill your day with amazing surprises.
  • Ask Jesus that he fills us with life (ruakh) that can truly change the way we live.