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Walk with Christ. Run in faith.

I start today with a mountain-top gathering with Jesus, Moses and Elijah (definitely not a Zoom meeting). There, Peter the disciple, speaks quick and oversteps his mark (he is very endearing that way; I can totally relate).

Speaking of endearing, Jesus tells his followers (who were jousting for position in God's Kingdom) that children—the little kids—are the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. Then Jesus gives a math class: leaving the 99, and 70 times 7.

Let's jump in.
Matthew chapters 17 and 18

Now think about this.

There's so much in this passage, but please allow me to spend some time on this one verse.

... so go down to the lake and throw in a line. Open the mouth of the first fish you catch, and you will find a large silver coin. Take it and pay the tax for both of us. (Matt 17.27)

I have so many questions about this. Don't you?

It sounds like a magic show, right? Sorry Jesus, no offence meant, but why not just produce a silver coin? And what's with the tax? And how did a coin end up in a fish? How large was the coin? And what kind of fish was it to take a coin that large? And how did this specific coin-eating-fish bite on Peter's hook? And what did Peter use as bait? And why did Peter go along with this? And why... ‍

So many questions! Many had their hand at explaining it. Many differing answers have been given.

For me (at least, for now), I am happy with these morsels:

God always provides.

He always does! Never has He not shown up with more than enough. He has proven time and time again that He is faithful. Ask anyone in my family. Seriously, reply to this email with your queries. You won't need to fish for answers. We will reply directly.

God provides creatively. ‍

It's never just the one way or same way. I find that God uses different scenarios; different people; different channels to provide. My issue is that I am a creature of habit. I like a regular payday. Every two weeks. The first Thursday of every month. Which ever. As long as it is regular.

But God likes to mix it up. Flex all available channels. Including a fish.

Have you been part of God's creativity?

God has a wonderful sense of humour.

I am sure God enjoys a good laugh. I don't think He sits there po-faced and dour. I honestly believe that He delights in you and in me. I also believe that He makes ways—I mean actively makes ways, sets up a scene, directs dialogue–for me to enjoy him. For us to delight in Him.

The perfect sunset. The right song playing at the right time. The message just when you needed it. Just the right person. Surprise! You're married to your grade-school friend. Wait, what?

I can imagine Peter. Walking to the lake. Mumbling: There's totally nothing fishy about this...