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Walk with Christ. Run in faith.

In these 2 chapters I find Jesus continuing to perform miracles. Healing and encouraging everyone as He moved along.

Chapter 9 opens with a question from religious leaders: Does he think he’s God? This was asked in private, but Jesus knew what they were thinking. (Cue: The Spice Girls, Who Do You Think You Are?)

Moving to chapter 10, I find a tough message. Jesus gives his disciples power and authority. Then He tells them it will be difficult. There will be challenges. It won't exactly be a walk in the park.

Along side the tough message, I find one of the biggest miracles: how this motley band of men were transformed into a band of brothers that brought the message of God's love to everyone.

Ready? Let's read today's passage.
Matthew chapters 9 and 10

Now think about this.

The work and ministry that God has set out is tough.
Yes, it comes with authority (Matt 10.1). It also comes full of challenges. It entails loss, hurt, pain (physical, emotional, mental). It demands many choices to be made. It means that sometimes: Your enemies will be right in your own household! (Matt 10.35). It's tough. 

God's work can be tough. Do we make it more difficult than it should be?
If I am called to do something, do I choose to do it God's way or my way. I have tendencies to do the latter. Perhaps, there are others who are called to build us up. To do God's work along side us. Think pastors, leaders, or your parents. Do we make their lives easier? Or are we making their work tougher than it already is?

Kanban (just-in-time work) Jesus style.
When you are arrested, don’t worry about how to respond or what to say. God will give you the right words at the right time.​ (Matt 10.19)

Many times we give God many reasons why we can't do what He asks of us. Some of those reasons may seem very valid. However, we are not required extra skill or prep time. We are invited to not fret. To trust that at the right time what we need to complete that which He asks will be given to us.

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