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Walk with Jesus. Run in faith.

Quote of the day: I AM HE.

Again, only one chapter today.

In John chapter 18 Jesus is arrested and put into a series of staged religious and legal trials. As with any investigation (however made up these are), many questions are thrown about.

You have soldiers, a lot of them (possibly hundreds), with religious leaders looking for Jesus. Jesus walks up to this crew and asks them: who are you looking for? People on the street ask the disciple Peter: aren't you with Him? The high priest asks Jesus: what is this that you teach? Pilate ask Jesus many questions: are you a king; where are you from. And in all impatience: what is truth?

Let's read together.
John chapter 18

Now think about this.

That question from Pilate, what is truth, is at the heart of these scenes. In the middle of betrayal, schemes, lies and all out pandemonium the words that Jesus answered: "I AM HE!" commands so much authority.

I AM HE is Jesus' answer to the soldier-search-party. An answer that makes them fall back to the ground.

I am should have been Peter's truthful answer. I am is the betrayed-One's answer as He gazed at Peter who was only metres away.

I am is the unspoken answer to high priest's question. Jesus, after all, said: I AM the way, the truth and the light.

I am from a kingdom out of this world is His answer to Pilate.

To that question: what is truth? That same answer: I AM HE, stands firm.