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Walk with Christ. Run in faith.

Today, in Matthew chapters 3 and 4, I meet a travelling preacher whose ministry was to tell everyone to be ready for a huge change in their lives—to prepare a super-highway for the coming Lord. Anyone here go through big changes recently (think of new normals or all of the last two years)? Well, it seems God is in the business of change.

I witness a Father commend his Son. I see Jesus tempted and the devil flee. I end the passage by meeting the first disciples of Jesus, each of them immediately following. And with Jesus healing everyone.

This is just day two. :)

Ready? Let's read today's passage.
Matthew chapters 3-4

Now think about this.

Do you know that Jesus can really change your life?
This question always comes to mind. Jesus's early ministry is what people would call a game-changer. Yet it is His onward ministry, as it touches us today, that is a life-changer. Have I fully embraced the life-changing power of Christ?

John the Baptist is calling for us to clear the road for him (Christ)! (Matt 3.3). Is my life a clear road to Christ? 

The way I live should lead others to Christ. I should be a clear road that leads to Him. Might I be leaving debris or pot-holes that are a hazard to others?

In Jesus’s hunger and physical weakness he says: Get out of here, Satan... Then the devil went away..." (Matt 4.10) I can be most effective when I most recognise my weakness and my need of God. Anyone up for a fast? :0

He healed them all. - Matt 4:24 - He healed them all!

Bonus round. Bonus points.

This has been circling in my mind since I read this so I thought to share more – John the Baptist speaking to pharisees: Don’t just say to each other, ‘We’re safe, for we are descendants of Abraham.’ That means nothing, for I tell you, God can create children of Abraham from these very stones.

It speaks much to me because I was brought up a Christian. But as JTB puts it bluntly: that means nothing (Matt 3.9). Who my parents are and what they brought me up in is irrelevant when it comes to my dealings with God.

That last part (God can create children of Abraham from these very stones), while so sharp, is also very hopeful — God can make heirs to the kingdom out of anyone, regardless of upbringing, or past, or present creed.