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Walk with Christ. Run in faith.

Day 10! Double-digits. Quarter of the way in! How's it going?

These next few chapters play out like a courtroom-drama. We open with Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem. At the turn of the scene we'll find Jesus parrying with the religious leaders.

Now, pay attention to these exchanges. Pharisees and Sadducee's berate Jesus with questions. Trying to entrap Him and trip Him up. They are always looking for inconsistencies. The air is always tense. Jesus, in response, either presses them with His brand of questions or warmly disarms them with stories and parables.

Then, slap! He gives them the answer. It is painful, though, that they never saw the obvious answer to their questions. The answer was staring them right in their faces. Jesus is the only answer.

Ready? Jump in!
Matthew chapters 21, 22, and 23

Now think about this.

The Lord needs them... (Matt 21.3)
What does the Lord need from me? Am I willing to let Him have what he asks?

The entire city of Jerusalem was in an uproar as he entered. “Who is this?” they asked. (Matt 21.10)

Couple of things here.

First. How do you greet your King? Just like today, how did you open your heart to him? With celebration? With heaviness?

Second. Who is He to you?
The whole Jerusalem was in uproar. But the city was also confused. Who is this? they asked. Is person and character of Jesus still a question to you? 

Even more: what role does Jesus play in your life?

The heart of the question.

I think it is totally okay for us to ask God. I mean to query Him. I don't think it is in a loving Father's character to withhold from His children any good thing. Specially if it is about knowing Him more.

The pharisees and sadducees were out to entrap Jesus. Looking for holes in His replies. Combative rather than honestly engaging with what Jesus was presenting.

How do I approach what Christ brings to my life? Am I reticent? Combative. Cautiously engaged. Completely in?