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Walk with Christ. Run in faith.

I am so glad that you are coming along for the journey. Over the next 40 days we will go through the four gospels (that's about 2 or 3 chapters a day, easy). Let's walk with Christ and learn to run in faith.

With this opening book to the New Testament, I can see that God's plan is alive and evident through all the generations. And that plan is specific to involve people in each of those generations. 

This 40-day walk with Jesus starts with his genealogy. I meet a couple, yet to be married, who suddenly find themselves the parents-to-be of the Messiah. I got to follow wise men travelling from far to give gifts to the new-born King. I  meet a king so determined to hold on to his kingdom that he orders genocide.

Ready? Let's read today's passage.
Matthew chapters 1-2

Now think about this.

God has been faithful to me and my family through the generations!
I can see God’s work and His hand in the lives of my parents and my grandparents. God really has been good. I continue to see it now… specially when I see my wife.

Are there things I am considering to do, that I should really take the time to seek God’s voice before acting?
The little I know about Joseph, I know he is a thinking and considerate man… he did not act impulsively on the matter of his fiancé Mary. He considered (Matt 1.20) what he was to do before acting … I should be more mindful of things I want to do, and take time to consider God's voice before acting.

God speaks to people and he allows us to carry out His plans.
How fragile right? For God who knows and sees all things to entrust us with His plans? Yet here we are; all part of his plan!

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